The Pied Piper Appeal

Nick Broady, Avenue Cars MD is proud to be the Chairman of the Pied Piper Appeal.

The charity was started in 1992 to help to build a new Children’s Hospital attached to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital. Today 6,500 children pass through the Children’s Centre each year. Since it was built Pied Piper has expanded to help to equip the Special Schools in Gloucestershire, send children with life limiting or terminal illnesses and their families on Wish holidays and has helped to make children’s experience of mental health easier by improving the facilities that they are treated in. the money raised stays in the County to make sure that the sick and disabled children in Gloucestershire get the best care possible on their doorstep.

Nick Broady and Andrew Perry present a great range of quality cars from easily accessible showrooms on the outskirts of Gloucester. Avenue Cars will also buy your car for the most attractive trade-in price.
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