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Classic Bentleys

Petersen Engineering Ltd

Classic Bentleys

Based in a small village in the heart of rural Devon, in southwest England, Petersen Engineering has forged a name for itself at home and abroad. Here classic Bentley motor cars are restored, rebuilt and recreated


We have now been established for 30 years with more than 90 Petersen cars completed for customers.


Many replacement parts are manufactured on the premises for Bentley owners throughout the world, as well as the steady stream of hand-made components which end up on original Bentleys and the increasingly well-known and sought-after unique coach built Petersen cars. 

Petersen Unique Coach built Cars

The unique coach built Petersen cars are classic using period parts and built to authentic coachwork patterns and dimensions on a genuine 1930’s Bentley.


They are therefore not ‘original’ in the strictest sense of the word, but then how many so-called original cars are? 

Emotional Originality

The Petersen motor cars give the customer a chance to experience their dream right from the beginning, in exactly the same way as the original first owners did back in the 1920s including all the different extras, such as interior design, the layout of the dashboard and individual specifications. This is what originality is all about when building an anachronism.


The pay-as-you-build system is also something that appeals to many customers, for it gives financial breathing space while their car is built.


Reliability is obviously one of the most quoted priorities. There are few people who can afford the luxury of a backup van filled with vintage parts, tools and two trained mechanics when embarking on a rally or holiday.

Petersen cars are rugged and durable and offer real vintage motoring with some of the reliability of any modern vehicle, but that is where the compromise to real vintage motoring stops.

Our dedicated team of craftsmen are proud of the high quality of workmanship consistently produced in our workshop.

The sole UK Agent for Petersen Engineering

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